Music Related Products


  • Callout allows you to test up to 40 songs per round; it does not include perceptual questions
  • You can help craft the breakouts you see in the data; CMM will only display breakouts with at least 15 participants
Project Contact: Caroline Thyen


  • All OMTs come with a standard package of perceptual questions; only OMT600 can insert additional questions in exchange for fewer hooks. CMM no longer delivers perceptual summaries - data delivered electronically via Analyst
  • More hooks = longer time to field
  • Most stations receive a pre-test and post-test analysis to help with implementation

Project Contact: Elizabeth Falke

Music Map

  • Testing different styles of music to help stations identify the ideal lane for their market and format
  • Questionnaire focuses on Music Cume/Core/Listening habits, in addition to questions about the music styles being tested
Project Contact: Elizabeth Falke

Talent Related Products

Focus Blog

  • Focus blogs are one of the most hands-on projects CMM offers - both between CMM/station and CMM/participants
  • CMM will work with station to create the ideal screen, questions, and presentation format for the final product
  • Shorter, quantitative-based studies can be used as a follow-up or a precursor to a blog project as needed
Project Contact: Kellan Asbach

Talent GPS

  • Talent GPS offers a quantitative, 100-person sample
  • Participants screen in based on listening to our show
  • This study can be completed in one online session, rather than over the course of a week, like in a focus blog
  • Results include a comprehensive presentation and deck for management and a separate training session and deck for talent
  • The price-point for the Talent GPS puts it in the reach of most shows, stations, and markets
Project Contact: Kellan Asbach

Station (Market) Level Perceptual Products

Local Perceptual

  • We can customize your Local to look at specific talent, features, and genre clusters, as well as competitor stations
  • CMM's presentation will focus on comparing your station against key metrics for brand health in your specific format
  • CMM uses online form to help you get started quickly!
Project Contact: Lainie Fertick

Creative Study

  • Creative tests allow you to measure the appeal of logos, billboards, direct mail, positioning statements, and slogans
  • Note our guidelines for an ideal test!
    • Testing audio or video? Max 5 pieces of media
    • Testing artwork or images? 5-7 pieces is ideal
    • Testing slogans or statements? 6-8 pieces is ideal
  • CMM uses online form to help you get started quickly!
  • Results delivered in a summary email

Project Contact: Shawn Murphy

For additional insights and information, please contact

Lainie Fertick
SVP/General Manager
O 513-794-3002
C 513-373-5113
Elizabeth Falke
Director of Research & Analysis
C 330-548-1548
Jim Calder
Director of Business Operations

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